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Best Backlink Analysis Tools: Side-by-Side Comparison 2020.
As you can see on a graph below, all links are classified by the level of risk that they bring.: While some marketers would say that theres nothing bad in having spammy links in your backlink profile, I would highly recommend to keep an eye on toxic links and disavow them asap. What is the Best Backlink Checker Tool? After a thorough comparison, I can say that Majestic is a winner if we take into consideration the volume of the backlink database and overall functionality. For sure, a lot of reports and features across all tools are quite the same, like Batch analysis, distribution of nofollow/dofollow links, IPs and Subnets, and so on. Thats why it is important to take into account those features that make these tools stand out. I can say with confidence that all solutions reviewed in this article offer a wide range of capabilities and help digital marketers with their link building efforts. LinkResearchTools, CognitiveSEO, and Majestic have promising potential and are improving their reports and features day by day. Yet, most of them are still breathing down Ahrefs neck in terms of functionality.
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Now, you may go to the control panel of your Majestic SEO account. After going to the control panel, you will see the URL of your website. Check the Stats. After clicking this URL, the tool will take you to a new page with many statistics about your website. These statistics are related to the backlinks on your website. Evaluate the Stats. The data you see on this page is just a summary of the statistics provided by Majestic SEO. You may examine in-depth statistics of every data you can see from this page. In this article, we talked about what these statistics would be. The Majestic SEO tool has other services besides its comprehensive backlink service. You have to install some of these services as extensions. These tools will help you achieve a better web design. You may also track traffic data related to your backlinks in detail with such tools. You can get many of these extensions for a fee. FAQs About Majestic SEO. Is the Majestic SEO tool paid? You may use this tool for monthly payments. Apart from that, you may take advantage of the free trial version for a short time.
16 Best Backlink Checker Tools Ninja Reports.
Largest SEO Tool. Expensive for some. Ahrefs is one of the most powerful SEO and research tool with an extensive link index to store large data volumes. You can use it to spy on your competitors backlinks, keywords, and more. Its a premium tool but also offers a 15 day free trial with an easy-to-use interface. The dashboard is full of information, but its straightforward to use even for beginners. Once you enter a link on the platform, you can derive lots of details, such as the level of influence in a specific URL. It also shows you a graph on domains and backlinks progress. Additionally, you can tell the amount of organic traffic your site has gained over time. Only organic traffic data. Linkody is a straightforward tool that lets you know when your backlinks drop or when new ones emerge. It features white-label reporting to give you regular updates on link-building strategies. Additionally, you learn the SEO value of your sites backlinks from standard rank metrics of big players like Majestic, Moz, and Alexa. It also has the disavow rule generator to assist in keeping spam links at bay.
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With AeroLeads chrome plugin, you can build your lead list in minutes and can transfer it to Salesforce or any other CRM or marketing software. It does have a free trial too! Over to you. Whatever part of SEO or Link Building that you may want help with, chances are there will be a Chrome Extension to help you. Which browser extensions do you use the most? Let us know in the comments below. 19 Powerful Tools For The Modern Day Link Builder. How To Future Proof Your Search Rankings: 9 Key Link Building Mistakes To Avoid. The following two tabs change content below. Adam Connell is the founder of Blogging Wizard and Funnel Overload. Adam helps small businesses get more customers online. Latest posts by Adam Connell see all. 15 Top Google Chrome Extensions For Savvy SEOs And Link Builders April 12, 2018. Hootsuite Vs Buffer The Heavyweight Social Media Showdown July 12, 2016.
How to Make the Most of Majestic for SEO Outreach Lab.
Here are 5 ways you can make the most of Majestic as an effective and beneficial SEO tool.: Trust flow and Citation flow. These are the most significant and unique metrics that Majestic offers. Citation flow relates to the number of links a website has pointing towards it.
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Majestic also offers domain comparison feature. You can compare 5 domains, which may be enough for smaller businesses, but too few for large companies and SEO agencies. The only downsides that I found in the software are a bit less user-friendly interface in comparison with other tools, and the fact that it only supports one language English. One of the largest indexes in the world. All-in-one SEO software. Bulk domain analysis 10000, domains. Access to historical backlink data. Backlink profile comparison. Capability of working with large amounts of data. Thorough link analysis. Only one interface language. No Google Analytics integration. Majestics pricing is based on the number of analysis units, so it may vary. For instance, you may pay 49.99 monthly for one user and 1 million analysis units and 2999, for 3000, million analysis units and 5 users. It means that a year of using the tool will cost you up to 35988. Heres more detailed information on Majestics plans and pricing. SEMrush is yet another awesome backlink checker for you to consider.
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We pay for backlink data from Majestic so you don't' have to. View the backlink profile for every client's' website directly in your SEO dashboard. Quickly add backlink metrics to your reports so clients are always up-to-date on the progress of link building campaigns.

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